About us

RadioPromoHub is a workflow system built by radio people,
for radio people.


A morning show host and a commercial producer in a small market needed a system to communicate about voice requests, promotion events, mentions and more. There was not an all-in-one tool available that was easy to use, and mobile friendly. That's why they created RadioPromoHub.

A workflow system for radio people that is beautiful to look at, easy to use, and flexible for any market size. Whether you're managing multiple markets or just one, RadioPromoHub has the capabilities to give you complete control and oversight of everything you manage.


Designed with both large and small stations in mind, RadioPromoHub takes the effort & error out of communication and organization.

The Creative System built within RadioPromoHub gives the sales team accurate turnaround times for creative, instant creative statuses, and access to archived creative spots from the years past. RadioPromoHub will help manage workloads, track approvals and adhere to strict traffic deadlines; thus creating better creative.

I am ready to start using RadioPromoHub.