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A few key features

Built-In Texting

Engage with your listeners using RadioPromoHub's texting software. Text winners when prizes are ready, manage contest entries with keywords and save your favourite texts for your shows!

Custom Prep Sheets

Build your show prep sheets all within RadioPromoHub's Prep Sheet Builder. Link posts from your favourite RSS Feeds, On air mentions, prizes and more, so nothing gets missed.

On Air Mentions Tracking

Track all your paid liners and their execution times. Assign live mentions to announcers and view or print a report indicating all execution times. Never miss a mention ever again.


RadioPromoHub will automatically email winners prize pick up information using templates you built! It will also email winners a certain number of days before a prize expires so they don't miss a prize!

Creative Workflow

Communicating with everyone has never been easier. Sales Reps and promotions staff can send in new creative instructions for house promos or new clients to air on your station. You can also send voice requests and voice request reminders to staff in other markets with ease.

Event Management

View and manage all your resources for station event or live remotes. Assign tasks to specific announcers or street team, directions, main contact person information and give detailed instructions on how to execute the perfect event.

Prize Management

Assign prizes to announcers and include prize contest execution instructions, so you never miss a prize giveaway. Don't have a contest in mind for a particular prize? No worries, use the Prize Tracker in the system to keep an eye on that prize.

Device Friendly

No matter where you are, or what device you are using, RadioPromoHub works on all devices. Whether computer, tablet or phone, make important information available to all staff anywhere.

Email Reminders

Everyone needs a reminder every now and again. The system will send email reminders to sales reps about talk points, street team about events and program directors about missed prize winners.

Cloud Based

Everything is stored securely online, made available anywhere you need it! While on your way to an event or remote, need to check for setup instructions. Access it on your phone with ease!

Wrap Up Presentations

Create presentations for every remote complete with pictures and audio to show off your remote. Look back to all remote presentations to remind the client the next year on how you can make their broadcast even better this year.

Enforce Deadlines

In order to make great creative, you need to follow deadlines. The system will automatically give an estimated time of delivery to all sales reps for all creative submissions. The system will automatically enforce deadlines for traffic.

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Built In Texting

Over 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. each day. 18-24 year-olds send or receive on average 100 text messages each day, and 80% of everyone over the age of 18 in the U.S uses text messaging.

1. Use Your Existing Studio Line

Most of the time, there is no need for a new number or to port your number to a different carrier. Listeners can reach you via text using the number they are used to.

2. Increase Responsiveness

It is more convenient for listeners to make song requests, ask questions to in-studio guests, enter contests, and request information using text rather than phone.

3. Keywords, Contests, and Autoreplies

Powerful keyword tool allows you to execute contests with ease or deliver customized information fast without the need for staff to manually send replies to every text.


Custom Prep Sheets

Create your own templates to fit your show needs. Then share the prep sheet with multiple people and collaborate with ease.

1. Custom Templates

Build you own templates complete with Top Hours, Commercial Breaks and Contests. Share these templates with multiple users.

2. Collaborate Together

Work on the same sheet at the same time with multiple users. Edit one break and the info will update in real time on every other users sheet.

3. Link Contests, Live Mentions and More.

The prep sheets will look at your assigned mentions, prizes and jock talk for that day. You can link multiple prizes and mentions to one break so nothing gets missed.


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A few screenshots

  • Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • Texting Platform
  • Event Details
  • Winner List


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Start logging radio stations anywhere and listen anytime! LoggerLab allows you to add stations to log and download those audio files anytime. See plans starting at $16.67/month. RadioPromoHub does not claim to own the audio and logos are copyrighted to their respective owners.


About RadioPromoHub

RadioPromoHub is unlike any other product; at its heart is a powerful promotional module with multiple sections designed specifically to address the key areas of, Prizes, On-Air Mentions and Station Event Management.

Designed with both large and small stations in mind, RadioPromoHub takes the effort & error out of communication and organization.

The Creative System built within RadioPromoHub gives the sales team accurate turnaround times for creative, instant creative status’, and access to archived creative spots from the years past. RadioPromoHub will help manage workloads, track approvals and adhere to strict traffic deadlines; thus creating better creative.